Scanning tunneling microscope Solver-Pro NT-MDT

Solver- P47-PRO   is a universal measuring unit for studies with high spatial resolution in normal atmosphere, in liquid media and in a various gas atmosphere, at temperatures up to  150C.


Solver-Pro NT-MDT

Solver-Pro NT-MDT


Sample size



3´3´1mcm (±10%)

10´10´2mcm (±10%)

50х50х3 мкм (±10%)

Minimum scanning step

0.0004nm; 0.0011nm; 0.006nm



Scanning probe heads



30pA-50nA, mrs noise 4pA (сwith a standard preamplifier)

10pA-5nA, mrs noise 1.5pA(low current preamplifier)

Shear Force

Optical system

Aperture 0.1

Magnification - from 58´ to 578´

Horizontal visible field from 5.1 to 0.51 mm

Vibration insulation

Passive insulation installed

Active vibration insulation system



Общий вид прибора Solver P47 1 – платформа с виброизолирующей системой; 2 – блок подвода и сканирования; 3 – измерительная головка; 4 - штатив; 5 – видеомикроскоп; 6 – осветитель



Solver-Pro NT-MDT general view. 

1 – platform with a vibration insulating system; 2 – motion and scanning unit; 3 – measuring head; 4 - support; 5 – video-microscope; 6 – illumination unit