Universal Racks of Measuring Instruments

  • Automated systems transport vector DC-, and AC- measurements, based on:
    - digital two-channel lock-in amplifiers Stanford Research SR830; and Signal Recovery 7220;
    - digital system multimeters Keithely-2000.
  • Electrometric measurements based on:
    - Keithley 6517A (sorce-meter) и Keihtley 6514 electrometers.
  • Temperature control and measurements using:
    - RuO- и Ge- resistance thermometers,
  • -precision AC-bridges Picowatt AVS-47 with optically-isolated  interface IEEE-488.
    - Cu(Fe)-Cu thermocouples, digital multimeters Keithley-2000, and source-meters Keithley-2400,
  • - Lakeshore 340 and Lakeshore 370 temperature controllers
  • Magnetic field measurements and control:
    - using low-temperature GaAs- Hall probes and source/meters Keithley-2400.
    All measurement systems are connected via IEEE-488 bus with optically-isolated  interface to the control computers with NI-488.2 interface card.