"PLATAN" (PTI, Saint-Petersburg) - an investigation of primary cosmic rays of solar and galactic origin by means of solid-state track detectors.The charged particles passing through a detector produce signs in a polymer film. Making the sign sore with a chemical solution bring to formation of specific cone in the film. The cone height is proportional to the created ionization, i.e. depends on the particle parameters. As a result, the particle charge and energy can be determined.

At present time, a block of solid-state track detectors is exposed in outer cosmic space on the board of the MKS Space Station. It is expected that, after landing and special chemical processing, the material of the detectors will be treated at PAVICOM in purpose of searching for nucleus signs, and charge and energy determination. In purpose of working out the proper mathematical software for this experiment at PAVICOM, a preliminary run of measurements has been undertaken in which the nucleus signs in the tested samples were analyzed. The obtained digital images are received.