"CHARGE" (ITEP) - an analysis of azimuthal anisotropy of multicharged products emitted normally to the nuclear reaction plane. Possible manifestations of the second-type phase transition in dense and high-temperature nuclear matter are searched for.

The experiment includes the investigation of nuclear matter burst, i.e. emission of heavy fragments with charges up to Z=4-5 normally to the reaction plane after irradiation of the photo emulsion by heavy ions with energies (1.8-4.5)A GeV. The corresponding charge diapason is completely covered by PAVICOM technique abilities. The high space resolution of nuclear emulsions is their main advantage in angle measurements and fragment charge identification.

The study of fragment azimuthal anisotropy allows to determine the magnitude of the transversal energy burst which depends on nuclear matter compressibility. Therefrom, the information on equation of state under extreme conditions can be obtained. This time, the series of gauge experiments for different types of irradiating particles is held. At the same time, the physical analysis of the results is carried out and the further software development for this task is performed. This work was considered by ITEP scientific and technical committee as a possible experiment for ITEP ion accelerator after its reconstruction.