"NUCLEI" (INR) - an investigation of the light charged particle emission accompanying the lead nucleus fission by protons, muons and pions.

The purpose of the experiment is to study the mechanism of interaction of protons, muons and pions with heavy nuclei at energies from 153 to 1700 MeV as well as to obtain the information on fission and properties of secondary nuclei, which are far from beta-stability. It is studied the mechanism of particle emission from fragments produced in the interaction. The following possible scenarios are discussed:

  • cascade-evaporating process;
  • fission of the remainder nucleus;
  • evaporation from highly excited fragments.

The PAVICOM facility will be used for processing data on particle emission from fragments as well as in course of cascade-evaporation from highly excited compound nuclei. The software is developed for determination of the three-particle decay point. The test measurements of several tens of lead fission events in thick emulsion were carried out.