"SPECTRUM" (ITEP, JINR) - an experimental study of conversion electron spectra by nuclear spectroscopy method.

The nuclear spectroscopy method enables to get the multiform information on the exited atomic nucleus structure, specifically:

  • to determine the multipolarity of nuclear transitions;
  • to get data on spin and parity of the nuclear states;
  • to study anomalies in the internal conversion coefficient values;
  • to find correlations between matrix elements;
  • to conclude about the nucleus excitation character and the nuclear wave functions.

A change from the microphotometry technique to the technique of microscope-emulsion measurements opens up the new prospects in investigation of electron internal conversion spectra. The spectrograms were obtained at the PAVICOM facility for isotopes Er and Tb with resolution about 7 eV. The performed measurements allow to get the level intensity values and to determine 0-0 transition intensities, which are not accessible for conventional gamma-spectroscopy technique.