О лаборатории

The Laboratory of Frequency Standards (LFS) was established by N.G. Basov in 1990. Until 1990, the research was carried out within the framework of the Frequency Standards Sector headed by Vasily V. Nikitin, DSc (Tech.Sci.), one of the closest associates of N.G. Basov, the DQRP veteran who participated in the launch of the first maser in the early 1950s.

The Laboratory counts fourteen staff members (one DSc, Phys. & Math. and seven CSc, Phys. & Math.) and consists of two groups: Group of High-coherence Semiconductor Lasers (headed by V.L. Velichansky, CSc, Phys. & Math., Leading Researcher) and Group of Precision Frequency Measurements (headed by M.A. Gubin, DSc, Phys. & Math., Chief Researcher).

The LFS is located at the laboratory building of LPI’s Troitsk Separate Division  (Troitsk, Moscow) in specialized rooms with unique tables mounted on separated basements, which enable precision frequency measurements.

The Laboratory has wide scientific connections with universities, institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences, of the Rosstandart (the Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology), foreign research centres, a number of Russian enterprises and companies operating in the sphere of high technologies.