Line of research

Line of research of the Laboratory

Group of High-Coherence Semiconductor Lasers

Development of tunable semiconductor lasers and their application in high-resolution spectroscopy, frequency and time metrology, quantum magnetometry; in studies of the double radiofrequency resonance in alkali metal atoms and nitrogen vacancy centres in diamonds; in studies of the coherent population trapping effect.

Group of Precision Frequency Measurements

Development of compact master oscillators and laser frequency standards with extremely low levels of frequency-phase noise and high long term frequency stability for fundamental physical experiments and time/frequency measurements based on the reception and processing of signals synchronized with a highly precise timescale: very long baseline arrays,  cold-atom frequency references and frequency keepers for systems of global and space navigation, etc.
Objects of studies are:
- mid-IR range reference lines of methane registered by highly sensitive methods of nonlinear laser spectroscopy;
- optical frequency combs generated by fibre femtosecond lasers and their application for  frequency stability transfer between optical and microwave ranges of the spectrum.