Lines of research

At present, studies at the Laboratory are carried out in many directions:

  • kinetics of processes determining the inverse population dynamics of chemical lasers,
  • engineering problems of scaling up chemical lasers,
  •  development of new methods for the diagnostics of laser media,
  • development of novel tunable IR lasers (2–7 μm) on A2B6 crystals with divalent ions of transition metals and studies in the field of their application.
  • control of the ignition of methane–oxygen flame due to non-equilibrium excitation of oxidizer molecules

Major recent results

  • Laser generation on Cr:CdS, Fe:ZnS, Fe:CdSe, Fe:ZnTe, Fe:CdTe crystals was first produced
  • Smooth tuning of the lasing wavelength in the region of 1.9–6.1 μm  was implemented
  • In continuous Cr:CdS (2.3 μm) and Cr:CdSe (2.6 μm) lasers, the output power at a level of 2 W with an efficiency greater than 50% was demonstrated
  • In the pulsed Fe:ZnSe laser (4.1 μm), the output energy exceeded 2 J
  • In the method of intra-resonance laser spectroscopy based on the Cr:ZnSe laser, the sensitivity to weak absorption lines on the level of 10–9 cm–1  was implemented
  • In the continuous Cr:CdSe laser,  the range of smooth tuning of the lasing wavelength 2.35–3.45 μm was demonstrated and the one-frequency operation with a line width not exceeding 1 MHz was implemented
  • A continuous-wave two-mode Cr:ZnSe laser was used to register resonances of saturated dispersion on components of methane line R(2) of the vibrational–rotational ν1+ν4 band in the region of 2.36 μm at a cooling of the intracavity methane cell down to 77 K. The resonance parameters confirmed the prospects of developing, based on a Cr:ZnSe/CH4 laser, an optical master oscillator with a high (10–15–10–16) short-term frequency stability
  • Dissociation processes of iodides CnF2n+1I and CnH2n+1I in the plasma of a pulsed self-sustained discharge  were investigated. The energy losses for production of iodine atoms were measured
  • Efficiencies of the formation of excited iodine atoms in iodide dissociation processes in the plasma of pulsed self-sustained discharges were measured.