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List of main publications.

I. Optically pumped gas lasers (photochemical lasers).

Iodine photodissociation laser

1. Zuev V.S., Katulin V.A., Nosach V.Yu., Nosach O.Yu. Investigation of the luminescence spectrum of atomic iodine ( 2P1/2 →2P3/2   laser transition). - Zh.Eksp.Teor. Fiz., 1972, Vol.62, No.5, pp.1673-1680.

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Phase conjugation

1. Nosach O.Yu., Ragul’skii V.V. On the possibility of using stimulated scattering for obtaining sharply directed radiation in laser systems with a varying refractive index of a working medium (Report of the Lebedev Physical Institute, Academy of Science of USSR, December 28, 1971). - Optics and Spectroscopy, 1998, Vol. 85, No. 6, 918-919.

2. Nosach O.Yu., Popovichev V.I., Ragul’skii V.V., Faizullov F.S. The phase distortion compensation in the active medium by “Brillouin’s mirror”. - Pis’ma Zh.Eksp.Teor. Fiz., 1972, Vol.16, No.11, pp.617-621.

Enthalpy stimulated light scattering

1. Zuev V.S., Netyomin V.V., Nosach O.Yu. Wavefront instability of iodine laser radiation and dynamics of optical inhomogeneity evolution in the active medium. - Kvantovaya Elektron. (Moscow), 1979, Vol.6, No.4, pp.875-878 [Soviet J Quantum Electronics, 1979, Vol.6, No.4, pp.875-878].

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3. Basov N.G., Zuev V.S., Korol’kov K.S., Nosach O.Yu., Orlov E.P. New type of stimulated light scattering with the excitation of partial medium oscillations due to the enthalpy of laser controlled processes. - Izv.Akad.Nauk SSSR, ser.fiz. 1982, Vol.46, No.8, pp.1534-1542.

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5. Volkova N.V., Korol’kov K.S., Krylov A.Yu., Nosach O.Yu., Orlov E.P. The determination of the reactions rate constants for radical CF3   and radicals n - С3F7, n - C3F7O  ,   by the measuring the gain factor of the enthalpy stimulated coherent radiation scattering. - Preprint 42. Moscow, FIFN, 1995.

6. Volkova N.V., Nosach O.Yu., Orlov E.P., Sizova I.M. ESLS spectroscopy of the interacting gases. - Proc.of 12th Symposium and School on High-Resolution Molecular Spectroscopy (1-5 July 1996. St.Petersburg, Russia). SPIE, 1997, Vol.3090, P.332-336.

Active quantum filter

1. Nartov S.S., Nosach O.Yu. Studies of noises of a narrow-band quantum amplifier of week signals. - Preprint 21, Moscow, FIAN, 1994.

2. Nosach O.Yu., Orlov E.P. Problem of achiving quantum detection limit for receiving week signals at intense radiation background and possibility of its solvation with the help of iodine lasers. - Preprint 20, Moscow, FIAN, 1994.

3. Kutaev Yu.F., Mankevich S.K., Nosach O.Yu., Orlov E.P. Laser receiver with a quantum detection limit in the near-IR range. - Kvantovaya Elektron. (Moscow), 2000, Vol.30, No.9, pp.833-838 [Quantum Electronics, 2000, Vol.30, No.9, pp.833-838].

4. Kutaev Yu.F., Mankevich S.K., Nosach O.Yu., Orlov E.P. Use of an iodine active quantum filter for image intensification. - Kvantovaya Elektron. (Moscow), 2001, Vol.31, No.5, pp.419-420 [Quantum Electronics, 2001, Vol.31, No.5, pp.419-420].

5. Kutaev Yu.F., Mankevich S.K., Nosach O.Yu., Orlov E.P. Effect of intense background radiation on the sensitivity of a laser receiver with an iodine active quantum filter. - Kvantovaya Elektron. (Moscow), 2002, Vol.32, No.4, pp.349-356 [Quantum Electronics, 2002, Vol.32, No.4, pp.349-356].

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7. Orlov E.P., Sizova I.M. On the correlation time of the quantum noise of an optical quantum amplifier from the point of view of similarity of its statistical characteristics. Preprint 29, Moscow, FIAN, 2002.

8. Kutaev Yu.F., Mankevich S.K., Nosach O.Yu., Orlov E.P. Use of the atomic iodine laser transition to search for signals of extraterrestrial intelligence. - Preprint 34, Moscow, FIAN, 2006.

Photochemical lasers on electronic molecular transitions

1. L.D.Mikheev. On the possibility of amplification of a femtosecond pulse up to the energy 1 kJ.- Laser and Particle Beams, 10, 473-478 (1992).

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1. B.L.Borovich, V.S.Zuev, V.A.Katulin, L.D.Mikheev, F.A.Nikolaev, O.Yu.Nosach, V.B.Rozanov. High-Current Radiating Discharges and Optically Pumped Gas Lasers. Radio-Engeneering Series (in Russian), VINITI, Moscow, 1978.

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II. Near-field optics.

1. V.S.Zuev and A.V.Frantsesson. Subwavelength focusing of laser radiation.- Pis’ma ZhETF, v.72, pp.168-172 (2000).

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7. V.S.Zuev and G.Ya.Zueva. Silver and gold films and fibers several nanometers thick: very slow optical surface plasmons. - J. Russian Las. Res., v.27, No.2, 167-184 (2006)

III. Quantum theory of scattering in few-body systems of both neutral and charged particles.

1. Pozdneev S.A.  "The adiabatic approximation in the problem of  the collision  of  a particle with a bound two-particle system in the case of a separable interaction". Sov.Phys. JETP, v. 50, p.18-21, 1979.

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