Main scientific results

Main scientific results:
- New class of gas lasers has been developed which were named photochemical lasers. Principle of their operation relies on the optical excitation of atomic and molecular electronic transitions by broadband radiation from flash-lamps, open discharges and strong shock waves in rare gases.
- An innovative concept of obtaining high-contrast femtosecond radiation is developed, which is based on the direct amplification of 10-100 fsec optical pulses in photochemically driven broadband active media up to petawatt (1015 W) and higher level of power.
- A phenomena of phase conjugation upon induced light scattering was discovered and studied.
- A new and before not known kind of induced light scattering was discovered and studied in the thermodynamically nonequilibrium laser media, which was named induced enthalpy scattering.
- An active quantum filter relying on the active medium of iodine laser has been developed which is characterized by the quantum limit of sensitivity. It was experimentally shown that the quantum filter allows to detect signals containing as low as several photons against the background of solar disk, and to intensify extremely law  image brightness with diffraction-limited resolution. It was also theoretically shown that the quantum filter can be used within the SETI program to search for extraterrestrial intelligence at distances up to 2000 light years.
- Using numerical methods of quantum theory of scattering, unusual resonance states (Efimov states) are discovered and studied in real systems of nuclear (neutron-deuteron, proton-deuteron scattering), atomic (electron-molecule scattering) and chemical (atom-molecule) physics.