CO_2 Lasers

The electric-pulse CO2 laser with UV preionized module "Katran" for laser-chemical research. It permits the rearrangement on generation lines in wide range of P- R- branches. Eu = 30 J, τu = 30 ns.

The laser pulse shape.

The pulsed electric-discharge CO2 laser with “Whale” laser beam preionization. Eu= 500 J, τu = 1.5 ms. It has a selective resonator, which can be tuned by generation lines in a wide range. The laser can work in both generation and amplification modes. It can be used as the amplifying unit to obtain pulse energy in the scale of 0.5 kJ.

Pulse shapes of the generation and initiating UV pulses.

The pulsed chemical laser with UV initiation in H2(D2) - F2 - mixture: Eu = 100 J, τu= 3.5 ms, λ = 3 µm (4 µm).

UV initiation

IR initiation

The "Cayman" research facility for comparative experiments on UV and IR initiation of chemical laser working mixture.

Pulse shapes of the initiating discharge and generation (channel №3).

The research pulsed chemical laser with electric-discharge initiation "Flash-2" (in the foreground).