About laboratory

Laboratory for Laser Radiation Exposure

The Head of Laboratory
Starodub Alexander Nikolaevich

Radiation exposure group

  • Vasin Boris Lavrentievich
  • Yakushev Oleg Feliksovich
  • Krivenko Sergey Vladimirovich – a Junior Researcher, Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics
  • Malkova Svetlana Vladimirovna – a Junior Researcher
  • Kruglov Boris Vasilievich
  • Frolov Yurij Alexandrovich
  • Silyachevskaya Liya Pavlovna
  • Paziuk Svetlana Evgenievna – a Constructor
  • Kiselyov Nicholaj Grigorievich – a Leading Engineer
  • Sukhanov Evgenij Alexandrovich- a Leading Engineer
  • Bogudlov Anatolij Mikhailovich – a Leading Engineer
  • Fronia Anastasija Andreevna – a Senior Laboratory Assistant
  • Vanin Sergey Yurievich – an Engineer
  • Bakharev Alexander Vladimirovich – an Engineer
  • Sahakyan Artyom Tigranovich – a Postgraduate Student
  • Charelishvili David Badurievich – a Postgraduate Student

Chemical Dynamics Beam line group

Zaretskij Nickolaj Panteleevich

A Leading Researcher, Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics

Satov Yurij Alexeevich

Senior Researcher, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Smakovskij Yurij Borisovich

Senior Researcher, Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics

Shchepetov Nicholaj Grigorievich

Senior Researcher

Alexandrov Anton Olegovich


Smolskij Vladimir Nikolaevich


Mayorov Alexej Sergeevich

An Engineer

Staff of the other units of Laboratory for thermonuclear fusion of the QRP Division participating in "Channel 2" project:

Osipov Mikhail Vladimirovich
Studenov Valentin Borisovich
Korobkin Yurij Vasilievich
Puzyryov Viktor Nikolaevich
Tsygankov Alexander Anatolievich

Research areas:

I. Lasers Physics with a controlled coherence

  1. Study of coherent radiation properties of laser pulses and development of laser control methods
  2. Study of the formation, strengthening and transport of a partially coherent radiation on the target
  3. Study of the harmonic conversion efficiency of a partially coherent radiation by nonlinear crystals
  4. Development of the facility “Channel 2

II. Studies of the interaction efficiency of a partially coherent laser radiation with matter

  1. Generation of radiation (optical and X-ray) and corpuscular streams by laser plasma
  2. Investigation of the surface modification in condensed media under the laser radiation

III. Chemical Dynamics Beamline

  1. Investigation of the light effect on molecular objects
  2. Research of the methods for creating a population inversion and radiation generation due to the energy of chemical reactions
  3. Investigation of multiphoton dissociation

IV. IR - Initiated Lasers

  1. Compact chemical IR-initiated lasers