Join our team

Our team is informal alliance of dedicated to science researchers from several Academic Institutions

The research activity of our team is focused on fundamental theoretical studies of high-intensity laser interaction with matter.


  There are several main laser-plasma based activities

  • Ultra short pulse laser-plasma interactions
  • Nonlinear optics of plasma
  • Collective phenomena and instabilities
  • E.m. wave propagation in plasmas
  • Radiation
  • Nonlocal and anomalous transport
  • Inertial confinement fusion related studies
  • Laser-plasma based nuclear science
  • Particle acceleration
  • Free-electron laser produced plasma

  • Our group has well established collaborations with many leading international High-Power Laser Laboratories and Facilities, as well as Academic Groups. It has a long-term experience in the training of young scientists. We are always looking for qualified, enthusiastic and highly motivated people to join our team. Are you ready to launch an exciting career on high energy density physics in dynamic professional environment ? If so, then we want you!