Research Areas of the Laboratory

  • Study of the picosecond and femtosecond pulses generation by semiconductor lasers; study of the superradiance and a cooperative quantum coherent state in semiconductors; interaction of radiation with a semiconductor structure
  • Research on waveguide holography, photonic crystals and integrated optics, the new methods development of recording and reconstruction of micro-optical and holographic functional elements for the systems of information processing and transmission, the research methods for coherent information processing
  • Research in the field of development of new types both virtual and 3D displays, phase and complex spatial and temporal modulators and the appropriate methods development for optical information processing, including the medical purposes
  • Study of methods and algorithms in the field of neurocomputations, artificial intelligence, self-organizing computer systems and stochastic optimization. Research in the field of simulation of virtual images and 3D rendering for three-dimensional and virtual displays.