Editorial Board:

2003-present -  “JETP Letters”,
2019 - present – Editor-in-Chief “JETP Letters”,
2018 - J. Superconductivity and Novel Magnetism.

Conference Committees:

2015, 2011, 08, 06 – Chair Org. Committee; Deputy Chair Program Committee, V, IV, III, II Int. Conferences «Fundamental Problems of High Temperature Superconductivity», (Zvenigorod, Russia)
2015 – Member Org. Committee, 37th Conference on Low temperature physics, Kazan, Russia
2000  Member, Program Committee, 13th International Conference on Electronic Properties of Two-Dimensional Systems (Prague)
2000  Member, Organizing Committee, International workshop on mesoscopic physics,
Chernogolovka 2000, Russia
2000 –  Co-Chair, NEC workshop on metal-insulator transition in two dimensions (Princeton)
1998  Member, Program Committee, International Conference of the Physics of Semiconductors (IPS-24), Israel
1996  Member, Organizing Committee, Intern.Conf. on High Pressure in     Semiconductor Physics (Germany)
1996, 1999  Member, Program Committee, Intern. Conf. on Localization and Quantum Transport (Poland)
1997, 1999 Member, Organizing Committee of the Russian Conference on the Physics of    semiconductors
1995, 1997 Chair, Autumn School on solid state physics, Tuapse, Russia
1992  Co-Chair, Workshop on the physics of nanostructures, Ottawa, NRC Canada


JETP, Uspekhi, Phys. Rev. Lett., Phys. Rev. B, J. Superc. Novel Magn., Nature Physics, J. Nanomaterials

Projects & proposals appraisal:

RAS, Ministry of Education and Science, RFBR, RSF, Rusnano, RKSF, BSF, NSF, DOE, NWO, INTAS, IUPAP