Awards of the staff of the Division of Quantum Radiophysic

Awards of the staff of the Division of Quantum Radiophysics

Nobel Prize in Physics
1964   Basov N.G., Prokhorov A.M., Townes C.H.
For fundamental work in the field of quantum electronics, which has led to the construction of oscillators and amplifiers based on the maser–laser principle

Lenin Prize
1959  Basov N.G., Prokhorov A.M.
For the development of a new principle of generation and amplification of radio waves (the creation of molecular generators and amplifiers)
1964  Vul B.M., Krokhin O.M., Popov Yu.M., Shotov A.P.
For fundamental studies, which have led to the creation of semiconductor quantum generators
1984  Markin E.P., Oraevsky A.N.
For the cycle of works "Fundamental studies of chain-reaction chemical lasers”

USSR State Prize
1974   Kryukov P.G.
For the development of neodymium-glass optical quantum generators and assimilation of their series production
1978    Belenov E.M., Danilychev V.A., Kovsh I.B., Popov Yu.M., Suchkov A.F.
For the development of the physical principles, creation and studies of gas lasers excited using ionizing radiation
1980    Zuev V.S., Katulin V.A., Sobelman I.I.
For works in the field of photodissociation lasers
1981     Nikolayev F.A., Rozanov V.E.
For the cycle of works “The physics of high-current radiating discharges”
1981     Grasyuk A.Z., Efimkov V.F.
For works on new technologies
1982     Krokhin O.N.
For the cycle of works on laser radiation and its interaction with matter 
1983     Zeldovich B.Ya., Zubarev I.G., Nosach O.Yu., Ragulsky V.V., Faizullov F.S.
For the cycle of works "Wavefront self-reversal of light at the stimulated hypersound scattering"
1983     Mikhailov Yu.A., Fedotov S.I., Shikanov A.S.
For the development and application of photographic materials for astronomy, spectroscopy and diagnostics of thermonuclear laser plasma
1983    Nikitin V.V.
For the development and implementation of a complex of means increasing the level of metrology provision of frequency-temporal measurements in the country by an order of magnitude (10–13–10–14)
1984    Bogatov A.P., Eliseyev P.G., Sverdlov B.N.
For the cycle of works "Isoperiodic heterostructures of multicomponent (quaternary) solid solutions of semiconductor compounds A3B5"
1984    Nasibov A.S.
For the development and construction of new energy devices
1985    Vasilyev A.A., Kompanets I.N., Parfenov A.V.
For fundamental studies of photorefractive and liquid crystals for optical information-processing systems
1986    Zakharenkov Yu.A., Rupasov A.A.
For the cycle of works "A complex of laser methods for high-temperature plasma research in large-scale thermonuclear facilities”
1986    Sagitov  S.I.
For the development of novel materials
1989    Basov N.G., Belenov E.M., Panteleyev V.I.
For studies of non-equilibrium dissociation and synthesis of inorganic molecules in electroionization and microwave plasma discharge
1991    Vinogradov A.V.
For the development of multilayer optics of soft and ultra-soft X-ray wavelength range

Lenin Komsomol Prize
1977    Borovich L.A., Vasilyev B.I., Kozlovsky V.I.
For studies and construction of electron beam-excited scanning semiconductor lasers for projection television systems
1979    Vinogradov A.V., Kovalev V.I.
For the cycle of works “The physical bases of the optical breakdown of glasses”

State Prize of the Russian Federation
1997    Katulin V.A.
For construction of high-power pulsed iodine laser systems “Iskra-4” and “Iskra-5” with output emission power of up to 100 TW
1998    Alekseyev V.A., Gubin M.A.
For the development of ultrastable (with respect to frequency) lasers, means of measuring optical frequencies and their applications in precision measurements

Prize of the Government of the Russian Federation
2003    Yuryshev N.N.
For the development of new technologies

Prize of the President of the Russian Federation
2000    Alekseyev V.A., Basov N.G., Krokhin O.N., Shotov A.P.
For the development and realization of the project “The MEPhI–LPI Higher School of Physicists”
2003    Keldysh L.V., Zavestovskaya I.N., Kopayev Yu.V., Ochkin V.N., Presnyakov L.P.
For the Scientific-educational Centre “Fundamental Optics and Spectroscopy” – a complex for training of highest qualification staff, new scientific and educational technologies

Mandelshtam Prize
2003    Zuev V.S., Nosach O.Yu., Orlov E.P.
For the cycle of works "The physical processes in photodissociation lasers"

Basov Prize
2001     Alekseyev V.A.
For the work "Statistics of  the canonical  boson ensemble”
Oraevsky A.N.
For the work "Bose condensates from the point of view of laser physics"
Nosach O.Yu., Orlov E.P., Sizova I.M.
For studies of active quantum filters developed for the benefit of creating the new generation of special-purpose laser complexes
Lyakh A.A., Stratonnikov A.A.
For studies of the radiation pattern of InxGa1-xAs/AlGaAs/GaAs heterolasers with the quantum-well active region

2002     Andreyev A.L., Kompanets I.N., Pozhidayev E.P.
For studies of liquid-crystal ferroelectric composite materials
Vasilyev P.P.
For studies of the coherent electron–hole BCS state
Stepanov R.V.
For studies of the symmetry of ICF target compression

2003    Podmar’kov Yu.P., Frolov M.P.
            For studies of the intracavity laser spectropscopy with Co:MgF2-laser
Klimov V.V.
For studies of spontaneous atomic emission under the presence of  nanobodies
Shabalin Yu.V.
For studies of the application of feedback chains to produce stable      ultrashort laser pulses

2004     Akul’shin A.M., Vasiliev V.V., Velichansky V.L., Zibrov A.S.,
Sautenkov V.A.
For studies of injection lasers for high resolution atomic spectroscopy
Zuev V.S.
For studies of spectroscopy of photodissociation of collisional pairs of mercury atoms and xenon-iodine atomic pairs
Feshchenko R.M.
For the studies in X-ray optics
Nuzhnyi A.S.
For the studies of the feasibility of neuronet prediction of the Rayley-Taylor instability development in the problems of LTF

2006     Beldyugin I.M., Efimkov V.F., Zubarev I.G., Mikhailov S.I.
For the cycle of works “Amplification of superweak signals reflected from distant objects, and development of principles of construction of undistorted images of this objects in turbulent atmosphere.
Bogatov A.P., Drakin A.E., Batrak D.V.
For the cycle of works “Coherence of semiconductor
a-DFB laser radiation”
Ionin A.A., Klimachev Yu.M., Kotkov A.A., Selesnev L.V., Sinitsyn D.V.
For the cycle of works “Laser on the first vibrational overtone of the CO molecule”
For the cycle of works ”Creation of pure superposition states of alkali metal atoms using bichromatic elliptically polarized laser radiation”

2007    Artyukov I.A., Vinogradov A.V., Uspensky Yu.A.
For the cycle of works “Development and application of reflecting optics in the wavelength range of 35-60 nm”
Zvorykin V.D., Sergeev P.B., Sergeev A.P.
For the cycle of works “Radiation resistance of optical materials destined for the windows of electron-beam pumped excimer lasers of UV and VUV spectral range”
Brantov A.V., Bychenkov V.Yu.
For the cycle of works “The theory of nonlocal transport in laser plasma”
For the cycle of works “Er3+ fiber femtosecond lasers for optical clock”

2008     Kireev A.N., Konyashchenko A.V., Tausenev A.V., Tyurikov D.A., Shelkovnikov A.S.
For the cycle of works “Development and implementation of compact femtosecond optical clock”
For the book “Femtosecond pulses”
Antipov A.L., Egorov A.A.
For the cycle of works “The methods of secure multiple-logical coding of messages in optoelectronic multiagent systems”.

2010    ZuevV.S.
For the cycle of works “Spontaneous atomic emission near nano-size body”
Andreev A.A., Andreeva T.B., Kompanets I.N.
For the cycle of works ”Research and development of high-speed low-voltage liquid-crystal materials and cells for display applications.
Saakyan A.T., Fronya A.A.
For the cycle of works “Study into the coherence-controlled laser interaction with matter”

2011    Minchenko M.V., Mol’kin V.E., Pozhidaev E.P., Torgova S.I.
For the cycle of works “Discovery and investigation of quadratic electro-optical effect in liquid crystal ferroelectrics”
Ionin A.A., Kudryashov S.I., Seleznev L.V., Sinitsyn D.V.
For the cycle of works “Observation, physical mechanisms of formation and application of ultrashort laser pulse mini- filaments in gas lasers and condensed media”

2012    Guskov S.Yu., Demchenko N.N., Rozanov V.B.
For the cycle of works “Theoretical model of fast ion generation taking into account the ponderomotive force and resonant absorption under laser irradiation of solid-state targets”
For the cycle of works “Electron-hole condensate and its coherence studied with the help of the Young and Michelson experiments”.
For the cycle of works “Formation of periodic surface nano- and microstructures under the action of ultrashort laser pulses.

2013     SunchugashevaE.S.
For the cycle of works “Filamentation of focused femtosecond pulses: the formation and control of laser plasma channel parameters”.

2014     Protsenko I.E., Uskov A.V.
For the cycle of works “To the theory of photoelectron emission from plasmon nanoantenna”.
For the cycle of works “Propagation and amplification of microwave radiation in plasma channels produced by ultrashort laser pulses in the air and noble gases”.

2015     Bogatov A.P., Drakin A.E., D’yachkov N.V., Gushchik T.I.
            For the cycle of works “Optical diode amplifier of the running wave”.
For the cycle of works “Formation of a regular time structure of the solid-state laser radiation within the range from the units to the hundreds of times of the light round trips in the resonator with the help of feedback combination”.