Lines of research

  • Molecular IR lasers and applications

    Compact High-Frequency (HF) discharge-pumped slab CO lasers. Driving generator–laser amplifier CO laser system generating nanosecond pulses; its applications. Conversion of IR laser radiation to new wavelength ranges by methods of nonlinear optics.

  • Electric discharge generator for a non-chemical oxygen-iodine laser
  • Physics and technology of wide-aperture electron beam-pumped excimer laser systems.
  • Interaction of IR and UV femtosecond radiation pulses with matter.

    Filamentation of IR and UV femtosecond radiation pulses and ionization of gases under their action. Creation of extended ionized channels in atmospheric air by UV radiation pulses for controlling high-voltage electric discharges and highly directional transportation of microwave (MW) radiation. Nano- and microstructuring of materials, superfast processes in the optics and plasmonics of nanostructures, in the dynamics of condensed phase under the action of femtosecond laser pulses.