About the Sector

Sector of the laser plasma theory was formed in 1979.
Sector employees are actively involved in the projects of RFFI, ISTC (29, 30, 31, 1481, 2151, 2155, 2165) and INTAS (2001-0572) and others. They collaborate with leading Russian and foreign research centers, such as, RFNC-ARRITP (Snezhinsk), RFNC-ARRIEP (Sarov), Trinity (Troitsk), ENIN (Moscow), IMS RAS (Moscow), IАM RAS (Moscow), ENEA-Frascati (Italy), ILE (Japan) , AWE-Aldermoston (England), DENIM (Spain), the Prague Polytechnic University, the Institute of Physics (Czech Republic), Institute of Plasma Physics and Laser Microfusion (Poland).
Sector employees are also actively involved in the organization and work of national and international conferences, the Council of RAS on plasma physics.