We accept papers in  LaTeX and Microsoft Word formats in English and/or Russian sent by e-mail to address jrlr_at_lebedev.ru.
First time we need only the text suitable for the referees (PDF or DOC/DOCX). After acceptance of the paper we need the Copyright transferm form and text prepared according to the rules below.
Our demands to authors:
  1. Paper should not exceed 10 journal pages.
  2. The paper should be written in clear and literate English. It is rule of our Publisher and we insist that authors should prepare a good quality of the text. If they cannot do it themselves or with help from an English native speaking person, there are available many agencies doing scientific editing of the English text. Basing on our experience, we can say that EDANZ Editing agency doing their job surely well.
  3. We obligatory need keywords for your article.
  4. It is STRICTLY forbidden to produce multiple references under one reference number.
  5. If you have in your reference paper with 2, 3 or 4 authors, we need all of them, and at least 3 of them if their number is greater than 4.
  6. If you use symbols, that can be misreaded, you must note it for us in your paper (if it is not TeX file). For example, you must note small greek "nu" in order not to mess it with latin "v".
  7. Please, do not implement complicated formatting as we should rework it in the journal style. We are happy only with common TeX styles (e.g., {article}).
  8. In case you want to adopt some material from another paper, you must have permissions from both author (at least one of them) and copyright owner (publisher), if any, and send us electronic copies of the permissions.

Our requirements for figures preparation:

  1. Number of figures should not exceed number of pure text pages.
  2. All the text and inscriptions in figures must be readable and comparable in size with main text letters.
  3. We can print color figures only in the case of hard necessity (defined by the editors). In any other case provide us with the figures' greyscale version. We can greyscale raster images, but you must check if they are readable without additional subscriptions and there are no misunderstanding in grayscale, such as non-monotonous color scale (there must be a strict correspondence: black to low and white to high values, or vice versa). You can found some useful explanations here.
  4. We need figures in separate (not embedded in Word, PDF, or PS) files in following common formats: PNG, WMF, TIF, GIF, EMF, BMP, if you have them. It is possible to send figures in PDF and EPS but only with agreement from editors (you can be asked to rework figures yourself on editor request). 
  5. Presentation-style figures are indesirable. In the case you nevertheless need to include combined illustration, we need at least source files of all of its components.
  6. Appropriate DPI for most images is about 400 (so, if you want to have 3-inch wide image, it has to be above 1200 pixel width). This parameter usually is controlled whilst exporting the image from plotting software. If you cannot manage with this, send us the source files.
  7. JPG format provides necessary quality only for photos. Photoshop usage is strongly prohibited in the figure processing, since it unattendingly worsens the images quality!
  8. It is possible to send figures in PDF and EPS but only with agreement from the editors (you can be asked to rework figures yourself on editor request).
  9. If the figures sent to us have unacceptable quality, we will ask you for the figures' sources - such as Origin, Mathematica, or Matlab files in their native format.

Here you can download approximate TeX template for your article.

If it is impossible for you to use TeX, we provide MS Word template  - for reference only.

After we inform you about paper acception, please print, sign (one co-author is enough), and send us this   form via e-mail.

If you want to put your article in open access, so anybody can read and cite it, you need to address the Open Choice option. If you want to order article reprints, you should address here.