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Workshop Program


Monday, 01 October, MIPT


  1. Vitaly BAGAN, Vice rector for science and development programs, MIPT

Opening Remarks

  1. Masayuki KATSURAGAWA, Professor, UEC

Opening Remarks

10:20 SESSION 1.
Chairman Dr. Inga TOLSTIKHINA, LPI

  1. Invited speaker Alexandr DOROFEENKO, Professor, MIPT

Plasmonic lasers [M01-1-1]


  1. Masayuki KATSURAGAWA, Professor, UEC

Tailored optics with a highly-discrete optical frequency comb; toward high resolution nonlinear spectroscopy in the vacuum ultraviolet wavelength region [M01-1-2]

  1. Akihiro TOMURA, master student, UEC

Arbitrary optical waveform generation at 125THz repetition rate [M01-1-3]

  1. Dmitry TREGUBOV, PhD student, MIPT

Polarizabilities of the 1.14 μm clock transition in thulium [M01-1-4]

13:00 LUNCH

14:00 SESSION 2.
Chairman Professor Toru MORISHITA, UEC

  1. Mitsuru MUSHA, Associate Professor, UEC

Optical technologies for space gravitational wave detector [M01-2-1]

  1. Eiji KAJIKAWA, PhD student, UEC

Fiber-based trapping laser for Sr optical lattice clock [M01-2-2]

  1. Alexander NARITS, Senior Researcher, LPI, Associate Professor, MIPT

Resonant electron transfer and capture processes involving Rydberg atoms [M01-2-3]

  1. Konstantin KISLOV, PhD student, MIPT

The mechanism of resonant electron capture by atomic and weakly bound molecular ions to the Rydberg states [M01-2-4]

Tuesday, 02 October, LPI

10:00 SESSION 1.
Chairman Dr. Alexander NARITS, LPI

  1. Invited speaker Nikolay KOLACHEVSKY, Director, LPI, Professor, MIPT

Excitation of Isomeric Nuclear State in Th-229 in Dense Laser plasma [L02-1-1]

  1. Toru MORISHITA, Professor, UEC

Atomic and molecular dynamics in intense laser fields [L02-1-2]


  1. Shun OHGODA, UEC, PhD student

Photoelectron momentum distribution of an atom generated by a combination of XUV and IR pulses [L02-1-3]

  1. Danis YANGALIEV, master student, MIPT

Quantum theory of radiation by nonstationary systems [L02-1-4]

  1. Olga BURDUKOVA, PhD student, MIPT

High-efficiency tunable dye lasers pumped by visible diodes [L02-1-5]

13:00 LUNCH

14:00 SESSION 2.
Chairman Professor Nobuhito KOKUBO, UEC

  1. Ryosuke SHIMIZU, Associate Professor, UEC

Direct measurement of time-frequency distribution of biphotons [L02-2-1]

  1. Shohei SAKUMA, master student, UEC

Two-dimensional quantum spectroscopy with photon pairs generated from biexciton [L02-2-2]

  1. Nikita ZHADNOV, PhD student, MIPT

Low thermal noise Fabry-Perot cavities for laser freqency stabilization [L02-2-3]

  1. Yurina MICHINE, PhD student, UEC

Ozone mixed gas optics for ultra-high power laser system [L02-2-4]

Wednsday, 03 October, LPI

10:00 SESSION 1.

  1. Nobuhito KOKUBO, Associate Professor, UEC

Manipulation and magnetic probe of vortex matter in mesoscopic superconductors [L03-1-1]

  1. Hirokazu MATSUI, master student, UEC

Tunneling Ionization of a Hydrogen Molecule in Strong Static Electric Field [L03-1-2]

  1. Yushiro SUZUKI, master student, UEC

A Study of Near-Forward Rescattering Photoelectron Holography in Strong-Field Ionization [L03-1-3]


  1. Mikhail AKSENOV, master student, MIPT

Towards transportable Yb ion clock [L03-1-4]

  1. Hiroto ARIMA, master student, UEC

High-pressure transport properties of candidate material for Excitonic insulator Ta2NiSe5 [L03-1-5]

13:00 LUNCH

14:00 SESSION 2.
Chairman Professor Ryosuke SHIMIZU, UEC

  1. Vladimir KRIVOBOK, Senior Researcher, LPI, Professor, MIPT

Quantum emitters caused by extended defects in II-VI compound semiconductors [L03-2-1]

  1. Andrey RODIONOV, PhD student, MIPT

Multichannel scintillation-diagnostic for studying the hard bremsstrahlung from an extended atmospheric discharge in the ERG installation [L03-2-2]

  1. Nikolay PESTOVSKY, PhD student, MIPT

Photo- and cathodo-luminescence of SiO2 under the high-power excitation (1-10 MW/cm2) [L03-2-3]