Lines of activities

Lines of activities by the STRP include:

  • interaction of nanosecond and subpicosecond UV laser pulses with gas media and the dynamics of low-temperature laser plasma, including effects of resonance-enhanced ionization, filamentation of ultrashort pulses, initiation of high-voltage discharges in the atmosphere, plasma SHF waveguides (jointly with the DQRP Laboratory of Gas Lasers);
  • nonlinear optics, including stimulated Brillouin scattering, stimulated Raman scattering, multiple-harmonic generation in gases and plasma (in cooperation with LPI’s Division of Optics);
  • the theory of semiconductor lasers and amplifiers, low-dimensional quantum optoelectronic devices (in cooperation with the Laboratory of Optoelectronics);
  •  nanooptics, nanoplasmonics and photovoltaics, including the quantum theory of dipole nanolasers, the theory of nanoantenna-based solar cells, the development of nonstationary nanoplasmonics, the theory of the resonance intermolecular energy transfer using nanostructures; 
  • quantum optics, including the quantum theory of multimode lasers and amplifiers, quantum cryptography;
  • theoretical studies of methods of increasing the accuracy of laser frequency standards (in cooperation with the Laboratory of Frequency Standards);
  • statistical mechanics of canonical and grand canonical ensembles of bosons from the aspect of the physics of ultracold atoms in traps.