Projects, grants, programmes

In the recent three years, the Sector took part in the following international projects, RFBR projects and RAS programmes:

– Participation in international projects

  • European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for Research (FP7), grant agreement #238556 (FEMTOBLUE); coordinator P.P. Vasilyev, 2009–2012
  • ISTC project 4073 p “Guiding of long-distance electric discharges by combined femtosecond and nanosecond pulses emitted by a hybrid KrF laser system”; coordinator A.A. Ionin, 2010–2013.

–RFBR grants

  • 11-02-01414-а “Control of extended high-voltage electric discharges in atmospheric air by UV laser radiation”; coordinator V.D. Zvorykin, 2011–2013
  • 11-02-01524-а “Generation of extended ionization channels in atmospheric gases by high-power UV laser pulses for commutation of electric discharges and transportation of SHF radiation in plasma waveguides”; coordinator I.V. Smetanin, 2011–2013
  • 10-02-01050-а “Optical response of metals heated by femtosecond laser pulses”; coordinator A.P. Kanavin, 2010–2012
  • 11-02-12061-ofi-m-2011 “Development of plasma channel configurations and emission filaments for a multi-terawatt hybrid UV laser system by methods of adaptive optics”; coordinator A.A. Ionin, 2011–2012

– Programmes of RAS Presidium and RAS Division of Physical Sciences

  • Project 5.1 “Development of a compact optical clock based on femtosecond fibre lasers and methane frequency standards” of the RAS Presidium Programme “Extreme light fields and their applications” for 2012–2014
  • Project “Precision spectroscopy of lines of composite bands of methane in the region of 2.3–2.5 μm with the view of developing small-size optical frequency standards for new-generation navigation systems” of the Programme of the RAS Division of Physical Sciences “Fundamental optical spectroscopy and applications” for 2012–2014