Fields of research and the main results

Fields of research and the main results on them for the last 3 years:

  1. Study of the physical properties and electro-optics for smectics C * (ferroelectric liquid crystals - FLC).

    Through these studies a quadratic electro-optic effect in helical FLC nanostructures (in 2011 recognized as the LPI achievement) has been experimentally discovered and theoretically proved.

  2. Research on creation of optoelectronic imaging devices, information processing and display on the basis of FLC.

    A display cell with the FLC has been implemented, where the response time of 30 - 50 ms has been received, allowing the creation of displays with a playback frame rate up to a few kilohertz (in 2010 recognized as the LPI achievement). In 2012 hysteresis-free light modulation frequency with a continuous gray scale of 7 kHz at the control voltage of ± 1,5 kHz has been attained in the FLC cell.  
  3. Study of data protection on the basis of discrete multiple-valued logic unit (MVL).

    The original methods for highly secure authentication and secret coding, which allow, by means of the discrete MVL unit, building a space of random one-time keys with the dimension of more than 10,500 and transferring protected commands in a distributed structure of interacting objects by the open communication channels, have been developed.
  4. Study of methods of switching N × N optical channels.

    We propose a parallel approach based on radix switching channels and two variants of its implementation in optical waveguides: using the built-in cells of the total internal reflection and a photorefractive effect in the material of waveguide itself; both options are simulated by the example of switching 8 × 8 channels.