Bogatov Alexander Petrovich

Bogatov Alexander Petrovich, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor

Building 1, Room 306
Tel. 132-62-63

A.P. Bogatov, born in 1947, graduated from the Moscow Physical-Technical Institute with a Degree in "Radiophysics and Electronics" and qualified as an "Engineer-Physicist" in 1971. In the same year he was hired by the LPI as an Engineer. In 1977 he defended his Candidate thesis for the Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics, and in 1995 his doctoral thesis for the degree of Doctor of Sciences in Physics and Mathematics, specialty 01.04.21 – “Laser Physics”. In 1998 he was appointed to a position of the Chief Researcher, and in 2000 Bogatov A.P. was awarded the title of Professor in "Laser Physics".

Bogatov A.P. is the author and co-author of more than 120 scientific works and inventions. He is the winner of the USSR State Award in Physics in 1984, and, also, the winner of the Award of the USSR and GDR Academy of Sciences in 1979.
Semiconductor lasers, optical nonlinearity, spectral and spatial distribution of optical fields, radiation fluctuations in injection lasers are the main scientific fields of interest.

Bogatov A.P. is engaged both in the scientific activity and the work with young scientists in order to improve their level of qualification. Bogatov A.P. was repeatedly a scientific supervisor of the students’ Diploma works, as well as a scientific supervisor of the Master theses of staff’s and graduate students.

Bogatov A.P. is registered at the Federal Register of Experts in spheres of Science and Technology. He is a member of the LPI (D002.023.03) and MEPI (D212.130.05) qualifying Scientific Councils, as well as a member of "Quantum Electronics" editorial board.