Manko Margarita Alexandrovna

Manko Margarita Alexandrovna, Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics

Building 1, Room 421,553
Tel: 132-53-57,132-61-25


Manko M.A., born in 1939, graduated from the Physics Department of the Lomonosov Moscow State University in 1963 with a Degree in “Physics”. She defended her graduate work, "Molecular generator with serial resonators", at the Lebedev Physical Institute. In 1970 Manko M.A. defended her dissertation, "The spectral characteristics of semiconductor quantum generators and methods for oscillation modes selection", for the Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics. Since 1963 she has been working at the LPI and since 2006  - as a Leading Researcher.

Manko M.A. is a recognized expert in the field of diode lasers and optical communication lines. She published more than 130 scientific articles in Russian and international journals.

Manko M.A. pays a great attention to the international scientific collaboration. She is a coordinator of the project: "The entangled and superposition states, decoherence in the processes of radiation - matter interaction and a tomographic reconstruction of the density matrix", that is a scientific collaboration of the Russian and Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

Manko M.A., was a co-organizer of the Russian-Hungarian Seminar on Quantum Optics in memory of Vinogradov A.V. (Moscow, 2006), many times traveled abroad to participate in joint research and lecturing, was the co-organizer of the 10th (Rostock, Germany, 2003), 11th (Trieste, Italy, 2004), 12th (Ankara, Turkey, 2005), 13th (Vienna, Austria, 2006) and 14th (Palermo, Italy, 2007) Central - European Workshop on Quantum Optics, and, also, the 7th (Boston, USA, 2001), 8th (Puebla, Mexico, 2003), 9th (Besançon, France, 2005) and 10th (Bradford, UK, 2007) International Conference - "The compressed states and the uncertainty relations."

At present Manko M.A. is a compiling Editor of the "Laser Research in Russia» journal (Journal of Russian Laser Research) published by Springer (New York, USA), and a Department Coordinator of the British Institute of Physics Publishing (IOPP) (Bristol, UK) at the LPI.