Scanning electron microscope JEOL JSM-7001F

Analytical capabilities:

 -Local elemental analysis (1mcm2 ) by EDX technique (INCA Energy 350XT from Oxford Instruments Analytical, UK),

-Cathode-luminescent analysis (CLD), MonoCL3+ (Gatan, USA).


Technical data:

JSM-7001F (JEOL ) has electron gun with field emission (Schottky cathode) Resolution – 1.2nm (30kV), 3nm (1kV)

Accelerating voltage 0.2-30kV

Magnification factor  10 - 300000

E-beam current – 1nA-200nA



Elements – from B to U

Resolution: C Kα — 72eV; F Kα — 75eV; Mn Kα — 129eV