История Отделения

The Division of Quantum Radiophysics (DQRP) was formed in December 1989. It originates from the Sector of Molecular Generators (head of the Sector, N.G. Basov, DSc (Phys.&Math.)) created in 1959 at the Laboratory of Oscillations.

In January 1963, the Sector was transformed into the Laboratory of Quantum Radiophysics (LQRP). The scientific directions developed at the LQRP made it possible to create the laboratories, which made up the DQRP; to form the Samara Branch of the LPI in 1980. In 2001, the Division of Quantum Radiophysics was awarded the name of N.G. Basov.

At different times, the Division of Quantum Radiophysics was headed by Nobel Prize winner Academician N.G. Basov, Dr A.N. Starodub, Cand.Sci. (Phys. & Math.), Academician O.N. Krokhin. Since December 2010, the Division has been headed by Prof. A.A. Ionin, DSc (Phys. & Math.). His deputies are Prof. I.N. Kompanets, DSc (Phys. & Math.), Prof. A.S. Nasibov, DSc (Techn. Sci.), A.N. Mikhailov. The Scientific Secretary of the Division is Leading Researcher A.E. Drakin.

Academicians A.N. Borisevich and L.P. Feoktistov had worked at the Division of Quantum Radiophysics.

The DQRP includes Gas Lasers Laboratory, Laboratory for Nonlinear Optical Phenomena, Photochemical Processes Laboratory, X-ray Optics Laboratory, Molecular Photonics Laboratory, Frequency Standarts Laboratory, Laboratory of Innovative Laser Systems, Sector of Theoretical Radiophysics and two departments: Department of Optoelectronics and Department of Laser Plasma.